About Us


 This ministry's calling is quite simple and straight forward, to:


  • Preach the Word of God,
  • Defend and teach the historic, orthodox doctrines of the Christian Faith,
  • Promote biblical literacy among God’s people,
  • Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world

--Dr. Miguel Gonzalez



Who We Are

Reasons for Faith International Ministries, Inc. (RFFIM) is a conservative, evangelical Christian educational organization which operates as a Para-church ministry whose function is to support and supplement the ongoing work of local congregations as well as other Para-church ministries in equipping Christians for service and furthering the cause of Christ. Our commitment is to the person of Jesus Christ, to the inerrant and inspired Word of God, and to the historical, orthodox doctrines of the Faith.


Why We Are Here

Unlike any other time in American Church history, biblical, doctrinal, theological and apologetic illiteracy has reached epidemic proportions. Never have Christians been so poorly equipped to defend and articulate their faith as in the 21st century. Never have so many Christians been so uninterested in proclaiming the biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lost and dying world. Never have so many churches been filled to capacity with Christians who know so little about what they believe, why they believe it, or who are even concerned about gaining that knowledge and understanding. Our goal, simply stated, is to generate a genuine desire in Christians to learn about and live out their faith and to reverse the illiteracy trend in the Church.            


Our Mission

1. To recover the historical, orthodox doctrines of the Faith and our Evangelical Protestant heritage.

2. To promote biblical literacy within the Christian community at-large and the study of the inerrant and inspired Word of God.

3. To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Gospel of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone in a lost and dying world. We seek to accomplish this through the various outreaches formed under the umbrella of RFFIM. 

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